Bertens still against Novak Djokovic: "We all saw what happened at the Adria Tour"

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Bertens still against Novak Djokovic: "We all saw what happened at the Adria Tour"

Already in the last few weeks, Kiki Bertens had sharply criticized Novak Djokovic and the organization of the Adria Tour and now she came back to talk about the situation regarding the world of tennis, once again arguing against the Serbian champion.

Initially, the tennis player commented on what happened on the Adria Tour, attacking Novak Djokovic saying: "In what world do you live?" Now, after a few days, the situation has not improved, on the contrary. Here are her statements in particular: "To be honest I have no idea if and when we will return to play tennis.

I think that only in mid-July we will know if the tour will start 100% and above all if the Us Open will be played. At the moment I am training according to the recovery, but at the moment it is not safe to travel all over the world in order to play tournaments.

There are countries where the situation has improved and others where not. We need to see how the virus evolves." Talking about the positivity of Novak Djokovic and the other tennis players at the Adria Tour, she said: "We have seen images all over the world in Serbia.

I was not surprised that some players contracted the virus. There was no social distance anywhere and the virus could spread easily."

Bertens' thoughts on Novak Djokovic, the Adria Tour and upcoming commitments

Kiki still talking about Adria Tour and the future of the season: "It is good that the organizers of ATP, WTA, ITF and other tournaments learn from what has happened.

Our safety is the priority and since we will all meet at the shooting and we must be careful. It is true that there will be no crowd, but we must investigate and be careful. We have all seen what happened on the Adria Tour. I am curious to know how they will behave."

Bertens will participate in the performance in Berlin from 13 to 15 July: "The first goal is to have fun, of course always if it is allowed. Obviously I will try to win and there are great opponents. It can be good training in view of the resumption of tennis.

I will do some (of) my best." Bertens is the latest voice who has joined the chorus of those who are criticizing Novak Djokovic and the Adria Tour. There are also those who defend the Serb, like his countrywoman Olga Danilovic: probably after the Adria Tour, the organizers of the next events will do a lot more attention regarding the safety protocols to be implemented.