Benoit Paire suggests he will skip US Open and focus on tournaments in Europe

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Benoit Paire suggests he will skip US Open and focus on tournaments in Europe

French tennis star Benoit Paire reveals he is dealing with a few minor injuries and he is closely following what will happen with the season so he could properly prepare once the season resumes. Paire, ranked at No. 22 in the world, returned to competitive action in mid-June as he is participating at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown -- which takes place every weekend at the Mouratoglou Academy -- and the Frenchman so far has collected two wins and five losses.

"Physically I am not well at all, I had a shoulder pain at first, then a knee and I could not train normally this week. I have to be careful, after I still have time, we don't know what's going to happen, we don't really know when it will resume.

(Whether it will be the) US Open (or) not the US Open, (Whether it will be in) Washington (or) not (in) Washington. It is difficult for us and especially for me who am not a big fan of the training, it is not what makes me kiffer.

I know I need two or three weeks to get back in shape," Paire told RMC Sport.

Paire would skip the US Open if it was starting today

The United States has been the hardest hit nation by the coronavirus pandemic and former world No.

18 Paire reveals he wouldn't be participating at the US Open if it was starting today. "Today I say no. When I see the current conditions on site, what we will have to do to participate, I prefer to wait for tournaments in Europe like Madrid and Rome quietly.

A month ago I would have said 'it's better, the bars are reopening, the restaurants are reopening', but this is a bit of a disaster. Now there are risks in going there. Even if we go there, there are risks because there are many cases on the spot," Paire said.

"To go there is to take the risk of being contaminated. Even if I am the first, I want to play tennis, to travel, because it is our daily life. If it is to go there with risks and observe a quarantine on the return, it seems complicated because if we play the US Open, we have to sacrifice Madrid and Rome.

You have to find flights to get there, and to get in too. Even if there is the financial constraint with the interruption of the season and the need to play, at one point I prefer not to play and stay alive and in good health."