Panatta: "Roger Federer is the GOAT, Djokovic's statistics don't interest me"

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Panatta: "Roger Federer is the GOAT, Djokovic's statistics don't interest me"

Adriano Panatta, former Italian champion and winner of the French Open and of the Davis Cup, has no doubts about who is the best ever between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Panatta, during a long interview, talked about several topics.

A curious anecdote concerns the trophies that he won in his career: "It's true, I don't have a cup. I've lost everything. It's not a habit, I swear. I have made many of those moves in my life. I'm not a fetishist, the idea of the drawing room-museum it horrifies me.

I never told anyone, I keep only one thing: the ball of the match point against Vilas in Rome, a Pirelli ball. It was my father Ascenzio, custodian of the Parioli Tennis Club, which gave it as a gift. He passed away, and when I tidying up the house, I found it.

Then it disappeared mysteriously again. My daughter Rubina recently fished her in a drawer. She was faded, hard as a stone. And over time she got smaller, like the old." On his alleged laziness on the court, the Italian said: "This is a legend to dispel: I am not lazy.

Of course, I was not Bjorn Borg, but I would never change. I did not train like Vilas, but I did not even spend the days in The truth is that I had a very risky game, as a tightrope walker, without margins, which required me to always be one hundred percent.

And then I had many interests, not just tennis!"

Adriano Panatta on Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic

Regarding the rivalry between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic and who the GOAT is, Panatta has no doubts: "Easy, Roger Federer.

The statistics in favor of Djokovic don't interest me. I look at the complex. The style, the hand, the completeness: Federer is, and always will be, the one who plays tennis better than everyone else," he said. Panatta talked also about his biggest regret, the Wimbledon quarterfinals against Dupré: "I don't forgive him, he's the biggest regret of his career.

I always snubbed Wimbledon, I didn't give a damn: the British, their traditions , the grass-courts on which the ball bounced disgustingly. I took the artistic part out of the game, I hated it." About friendships, friends and enemies Panatta said: "I think I was a good person, with everyone.

I have not stopped. I am not vindictive, I do not hold a grudge. I had several disappointments but then I forget everything: names, surnames, reason for contrasts. However I have one certainty: I have had more friends than enemies." But in between, Panatta created a contrast between fans of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic as to who the GOAT is.