Roger Federer: "I can say that in 2021 I will..."

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Roger Federer: "I can say that in 2021 I will..."

Roger Since last February Roger Federer has undergone two surgeries on his right knee: he has chosen to skip the rest of 2020 accordingly for come back in 2021. Generally it is never easy to deal with injuries and surgeries, but there are many to to think that Federer has chosen the right time to perform this operation, as mentioned, the return of the season is far from official and there are still many problems with the virus.

In 2016 Roger had surgery on his left knee, played only 7 tournaments that season and decided after Wimbledon to stop and return in 2017. Never was a better choice because 2017 was one of his best years, especially recently, he started the season with 54 wins out of 59 games and brought home 7 tournaments and especially the Slams of the Australian Open and Wimbledon, Slam tournaments that hadn't won since 2012.

Even in February 2018 Roger returned to number 1 in the world at the incredible age of 36. Despite injuries and now on the threshold of 40 years, Federer remains the main opponent of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

Federer about the Next season

During an interview Roger Federer said: "It has been very nice for me to spend the whole period of the Lockdown in Switzerland.

For the past 25 years I have traveled a lot, I have never spent two consecutive months at home. Now we have been in Switzerland for four or five months in a row and basically we had fun. The quality of life here is extraordinary, we have summer now and many people spend time outside, us too.

However, I had to go one step at a time, going slowly with rehabilitation and this slow recovery. Now I already feel better, I am not yet at a level that I can play tennis, but I am confident that I am 100% ahead of next season."

About 2020 the Swiss Maestro said: "It has been a very special year so far. My last match was in South Africa with Rafael Nadal for my Foundation. I played the Australian Open, then I underwent two knee surgeries. They canceled Wimbledon, the Olympics, then Covid, the quarantine, the travel ban.

So many things." Federer also talked about Wimbledon anf its cancellation: "I miss Wimbledon. Right now I would love to be there. I would like to play on Center Court for a seat in the second week of the tournament.

One of my great goals is precisely to play it next year. And that's why I train and work daily. Now I'm going to face a block of twenty weeks of physical preparation. Wimbledon has given me everything," he said. Regarding rehabilitation and his career Federer said: "It was a very important moment for me.

With the coronavirus, the two operations, I thought if it was appropriate or not to continue. It seems easy, but I can assure you that I will return to certain levels it takes a very long way. With recovery you have to be patient and take all the time you need to think.

For three months I have not even seen my parents. We have been very attentive to the provisions of the government. It was very important to be so and even today it must be so : you have to be careful," said Roger Federer.