Dominic Thiem on Adria Tour: We didn't have malicious intent

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Dominic Thiem on Adria Tour: We didn't have malicious intent

World No. 3 Dominic Thiem admits being nice to everyone is almost impossible but most of the guys on the Tour appreciate him for his kindness. Thiem, a back-to-back French Open runner-up, is considered one of the nicest guys on the Tour as he has several times spoken about being shy.

"Sometimes yes (I find it difficult to be nice)," Thiem told Kronen Zeitung. "But actually most people are super sympathetic to me - and I am just like that by nature." The season has been suspended since March 12 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the ATP Tour is set to officially restart on August 14 at the Citi Open in Washington.

The 26-year-old Austrian says nothing will be the same once tennis returns and it will take a lot time before everything returns to normal. "No. We will miss tournaments as we knew them for a long time. In New York, Paris or Melbourne there are 60,000, 70,000 people a day on the facility - the everyday life we are used to will probably not exist for years!" Thiem said.

Thiem, a 16-time ATP champion, reveals he has been in touch with several players from the Tour while the season is suspended. "Nice. With Diego Schwarzmann relatively often, with Grigor Dimitrov and Sascha Zverev all the time.

And I've already met some of them," Thiem said.

Thiem needs his team at the US Open

The US Open organizers wanted to initially allow players to bring only one team member but changed their stance after some high-profile players spoke publicly against it.

The US Open organizers now plan to allow players to bring three team members and Thiem says he needs to have his team with him at a Grand Slam. "I do not think so. Three or four people must be allowed. It would be extremely risky to travel without your own physio.

You need a coach on site," Thiem said. Thiem won the first leg of the Adria Tour event in Belgrade before the event got cancelled abruptly after four players tested positive for the coronavirus. "Not repeating such a mistake - we all did not act with malicious intent.

We came out of the lockdown into normality, saw the happy children and fans - and forgot the rules," Thiem said, when asked what they could learn from what happened at the Adria Tour.