Simon: "Roger Federer is not very present for players"

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Simon: "Roger Federer is not very present for players"

Gilles Simon is come back to talk about Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. The Frenchman in these days is playing at the Challenger Elite FFT in Nice. During an interview Simon talked about the situation of ATP players and the new Tour schedule, from mid-August.

The Frenchman is one of the few players to defend Djokovic while. Not only: according him, Roger Federer is not particularly present in the last, difficult months marked by the coronavirus pandemic. Simon said: "For now, I have convinced myself that I would play Cincinnati and the US Open to set a deadline.

It's a good idea? Yes No? Everyone expresses their opinion. Above all, it can be seen that there is no guide, or at least one guide for everyone. Everyone has different interests, everyone tries to play their cards as they can depending on the rules, laws, conditions of certain countries.

And we players, since we do not have a defined organism and representation, we must suffer and it is our fault. Are they telling me to shoot at the US Open? Okay, I'll go to the US Open, thanks and goodbye. I will wait for their decision.

I would prefer if they told us 'As long as we have this kind of conditions, we don't play' But it's not us who decide. For some time there has been talk of a union of players. All players must understand that they are weak on their own and that united they are very strong.

There are fifty different ways to divide the players, all used by agents, federations, tournaments. Now, just to see that the Americans want to play the US Open, the French will be at Roland Garros. They do it because they can do it, it's simple.

It is up to us to prevent it and be heard. At the beginning of their career, young tennis players believe themselves protected by ATP. Now, there are more and more players who wish to create an association."

Simon on Djokovic and Federer

What does Simon think about Djokovic and Federer? "It can also be seen in the crowd, on the court, in the Australian Open final.

One has the feeling that if he broke Roger's records, it would bother everyone. It is so strong that it breaks the p ... e. The outburst against Novak is a huge mistake. Much of the public doesn't consider him as Roger or Rafa.

I met a Roger who was able to come forward when there were discussions about the Slam prize money, some time ago. I have the impression that we lost it on the street, that it matters little to represent the players. And yet, if there is an authoritative voice, it is his own!

At this moment, the most authoritative voice should be that of Djokovic, who holds the role of president of the board of players. Are you doing it best? “I consider it like all human beings, with its qualities and its shortcomings.

Like Roger. Like Rafa. But, as far as Federer is concerned, we only talk about his strengths. And only Novak's flaws. It is because of the media game. I believe Novak tries to tackle complicated issues in the general interest of the players.

And I felt sorry for this story of the Adria Tour because, making a serious mistake, all this work falls apart. It is now easy to say: "Please, don't listen to Novak anymore!"