Philipp Kohlschreiber not really comfortable with idea of restarting season in US

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Philipp Kohlschreiber not really comfortable with idea of restarting season in US

Former world No. 16 Philipp Kohlschreiber admits he has certain concerns over the US Open as he is not really comfortable with the idea of restarting the season in the United States. Last month, the ATP announced the Tour would continue on August 14 at the Citi Open in Washington, before the United States Tennis Association stages both the Cincinnati Masters and US Open in New York, in a bubble.

The United States Tennis Association is doing everything it can to ensure the safest possible conditions for the US Open participants but the United States have been the hardest hit nation by the coronavirus pandemic. "A little over 50 percent of me says that it's not the right time to start again, at least in America," Kohlschreiber told Augsburger Allgemeine.

The question that many have asked is what will happen if a player or several players test positive for the coronavirus in the middle of a tournament. "How many positive tests there can there be so that the Grand Slam tournament is not canceled? Is it five or ten?" Kohlschreiber asked.

"If someone goes out and catches something, it can spread like wildfire."

Kohlschreiber insists he wants to play

The 36-year-old German says he wants to play again but suggests that the date of the restart shouldn't be rushed.

"Of course we all want to play again. But the question is currently whether it makes sense in this context," Kohlschreiber said. ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi recently noted to Sky Sports Italia that the governing bodies of tennis are following what other sports are doing and taking notes "Let's look at what golf is doing, for us it is an example and we are monitoring other sports, such as the NBA, which have our problems," Gaudenzi said.

"The ATP has created a 70-page protocol for the safety of the players, in addition, however, tennis has the problem of internationality, with restrictions and quarantines that complicate everything. If the tennis players were to have a quarantine in and out of the United States, the calendar would immediately freeze.

Gaudenzi confirmed the US Open will not stop if a player tests positive for the coronavirus. "The only certainty is that the US Open, and Roland Garros would not stop if positive athletes were to be found. Once we have chosen to move forward, there would be no alternative.

We would have daily tests and whoever tested positive would be isolated, but having reached the quarterfinals of a Slam it would be unthinkable to suspend the tournament," Gaudenzi said.