Philipp Kohlschreiber: Nick Kyrgios was right to criticize Alexander Zverev

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Philipp Kohlschreiber: Nick Kyrgios was right to criticize Alexander Zverev

Eight-time ATP champion Philipp Kohlschreiber thinks Australian Nick Kyrgios was right to criticize world No. 7 Alexander Zverev after be broke his promise of completing a 14-day self isolation. "Nick is someone known for saying what he thinks.

Of course you get very sensitive there," Kohlschreiber told Augsburger Allgemeine. Zverev, who participated in both legs of the Adria Tour, tested negative for the coronavirus in Zadar but still promised to complete a 14-day isolation.

"I have just received the news that my team and I have tested negative for COVID-19. I deeply apologise to anyone that I have potentially put at risk by playing this tour. I will proceed to follow the self-isolating guidelines advised by our doctors.

As an added precaution, my team and I will continue with regular testing. I wish everyone who has tested positive a speedy recovery. Stay safe," Zverev said at the time. But several days later, the 2018 Nitto ATP Finals champion was seen partying in Monaco -- which prompted a lot of criticism.

One of the biggest names to publicly criticize Zverev was six-time ATP champion Kyrgios, who believed the German was being selfish with his unresponsible behavior. "So I wake up and I see more controversial things happening all over the world, but one that stuck out for me was seeing Zverev again man, again, again, how selfish can you be? How selfish can you be?" Kyrgios said.

"I mean, if you have the audacity to put out a f***ing tweet that you made your management write on your behalf saying you are going to self isolate for 14 days and apologising to f***ing general public for putting their health at risk, at least have the audacity to stay inside for 14 days.

My god. "Have your girlfriend with you for f***ing 14 days. Jesus, man. It pisses me off. This tennis world pisses me off. How selfish can you all get?"

Kohlschreiber says there was a responsibility on Zverev

Zverev broke his pledge that he would complete a 14-day self isolation and former world No.

16 Kohlschreiber said Kyrgios was "right to criticize that." Kohlschreiber, 36, also suggested that Zverev has to be more responsible since he is one of the best players in the world and many kids look up to him.

Kohlschreiber also reflected a bit on the Adria Tour, saying the events that took place there should have never happened but added: "The only good thing was that everyone realized again how quickly you could get infected."