Viktor Troicki suspects he got infected in Pune: For a week I was falling apart

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Viktor Troicki suspects he got infected in Pune: For a week I was falling apart

Former world No. 12 Viktor Troicki says he would never know that he was coronavirus positive if his wife didn't get tested. Troicki's wife tested positive for the coronavirus after feeling unwell and the whole family had to get tested -- Troicki's test revealed he was coronavirus positive as well.

Troicki lost his sense of taste and smell but besides that he was feeling well and had no other symptoms. "I lost my sense of taste and smell. My wife was feeling unwell and very tired. She tested for the coronavirus because she was feeling really bad.

If her test didn't come back as positive, I probably wouldn't get tested because I'd never suspect that I had anything. I had no symptoms besides the loss of taste and smell," Troicki said on Sport Klub's Wish & Go podcast.

Troicki suspects he contracted the coronavirus in India

In early February, Troicki made it past the qualifying event in Pune and won his main draw opener at the tournament, before he withdrew from his round-of-16 match.

The Serb suspects he contracted the coronavirus in India because he never felt so bad and for a week he couldn't get out of bed. "But I think that I had gone through the coronavirus in India, in February. I withdrew from my second round match.

That feeling I never had before. For a week I was in bed, I didn't eat anything, I was falling apart. Back then the coronavirus wasn't as spread as it is now but I had all the symptoms. It was really ugly. I was lying in bed, I couldn't move.

On Tuesday I withdrew from my second round match against Sugita. I had to go to the club even though I don't even know how I managed to get there. I withdrew and between Tuesday and Sunday the finalists ended their respective campaigns at the tournament while was still lying in (my) hotel (bed).

I couldn't go out and it wasn't easy. So I think I had already gone through the coronavirus, I had much stronger symptoms, but luckily this time it wasn't that scary. I was waiting to get re-tested, my wife and I have recovered and for two weeks we have been living normal," Troicki said.

Also, Troicki gave his thoughts on the potential season resumption as he thinks "probably everything will get cancelled."