Tiley: "Roger Federer and the others are looking for the Australian Open"

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Tiley: "Roger Federer and the others are looking for the Australian Open"

Craig Tiley, CEO of Tennis Australia, talked about the stars, like Roger Federer, who are already planning to reach Melbourne at the end of the year for the Australian Open. According to Tiley, many players are already looking forward to next season and may therefore decide to skip both the US Open and the Roland Garros, this year.

Tiley said: "All the best players, both men and women, look to Australia and perhaps think they are coming here already in early December. There will be a safe environment. Many tennis players, including Roger Federer, will not play for the rest of the year and look to the Australian Open.

In fact, all the players I've talked to are thinking about the new season for the restart of tennis. Personally, I think some of the best players are questioning this 2020 and that they believe it is too early to think about an official restart.

I have nothing against the US Open and the Roland Garros." Tiley went on to point out that the tournament will take place regularly in Melbourne, despite offers from other major cities: "There is no scenario or reason why the Australian Open should move and change location."

Tiley also added: "Australian tennis is likely to be compromised by the Covid-19 emergency. In the worst case, the Australian Open will not be played. At best, the Australian Open could take place but only with the Australian crowd, and with the players who can arrive here respecting the quarantine rules.

We do not rule out the presence of international fans, but it is a scenario that we have to plan."

All the doubts on 2021 tournaments

There are many doubts related to the restrictions and rules to be adopted in the various tournaments of the ATP and WTA Tours.

The leaders of world tennis have chosen the American season as a starting point, although the United States is still in the midst of a medical emergency. If many players and professionals are divided on the measures they will have to follow to get back to competing, everyone agrees on one thing: tennis has to start again.

Tennis has to start again and it has to do it especially for all those players who every year struggle to balance the expenses, bring home the bread and make space in a world that becomes more and more complicated. Various exhibition events have been organized to give players the opportunity to stay in shape and have some form of income guaranteed.

Among those who are undecided whether to leave for the United States or focus on the European season, there are also those who already think about 2021.