Corentin Denolly: Media better informed than actual players

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Corentin Denolly: Media better informed than actual players

French tennis player Corentin Denolly enjoyed returning to competition at the Challenge Elite FFT as he insisted that every player gave its best and nobody treated it like an exhibition. Denolly, ranked at No. 326 in the world, made his first appearance since March when he appeared at the Challenge Elite FFT earlier this month.

Back then, the 23-year-old Frenchman made the semifinal of the event, before he lost to fellow compatriot Pierre-Hugues Herbert. A week later, Denolly appeared in the second stage of the Challenge Elite FFT -- but this time failed to make it past the group stage.

"I loved it. Finally, we were all able to meet and hit the ball. Even if the levels of play were different depending on the physical preparation that each had imposed during the break, nobody gave up a game, a point. The atmosphere was great, and the FFT did a remarkable job," Denolly said, as revealed on We Love Tennis France.

Denolly, a former world No. 289, claimed a few solid wins at the Challenge Elite FFT as he beat Antoine Escoffier, Maxime Janvier and Nicolas Mahut before losing to Herbert. In his second appearance at the Challenge Elite FFT, Denolly beat Mathias Bourgue, before he lost to this year's Auckland champion Ugo Humbert.

A week later, Denolly appeared at the European Tennis Series, where he won each of his four matches played. Denolly was satisfied with the level of tennis he produced in his first matches since March. "I worked a lot during the suspension so I knew I was sharp.

I am happy with what I produced. Now I don't really know what my schedule will be. You have to be patient. The Futures tournaments are coming in droplets, and the level of the few Challengerss will be too high for my current ranking," Denolly said.

Denolly suggests media better informed than actual players

It has happened several times over the last few months that players find out the latest news and updates via Twitter. Finding out the latest news regarding the season resumption through social media isn't something that players are too thrilled about.

"Frankly, at the beginning, it was perfect. We received emails, it was regular and precise. Today it is not the same. We have the impression that we have to get information, that the media are better informed than us, it's still incredible, I don't find that normal," Denolly added.