Coach Franco Davin: Diego Schwartzman is a very good and intelligent player

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Coach Franco Davin: Diego Schwartzman is a very good and intelligent player

Argentine tennis coach Franco Davin reveals he is a big fan of top-ranked Argentine Diego Schwartzman as he considers the 27-year-old as "very good and intelligent player." Davin, a former three-time ATP champion, has coached some big names since retiring from professional tennis and he certainly knows how to recognize a talented player.

Davin coached fellow compatriot Gaston Gaudio when the Argentine won the 2004 French Open title and the Argentine coach also helped Juan Martin del Potro win the US Open in 2009 before they split in 2015. Davin was the captain of the Argentine Davis Cup team and he also worked with former world No.

3 Grigor Dimitrov. Davin now works with 2018 Australian Open semifinalist Kyle Edmund. Schwartzman, ranked at No. 13 in the world, is a three-time ATP champion, a former world No. 11 and he has never had any on or off court issues.

“I love Schwartzman. He's a very good player, very intelligent. He is part of this new generation of very talented South American players," Davin told ESPN, as quoted on We Love Tennis France.

Davin battled the coronavirus

"At the end of June I had been working a lot on the court, for many hours; at this time (of the year) in Miami it's hot.

And one day I began to feel the sensation of being insolated. I thought, 'I'm going to have to stop one day, get out of the heat,' Davin told La Nacion. "Just have a day to do something off the court and I took it as a day without so much sun.

The next day I did the normal job and started feeling tired. That afternoon I stayed home and the next morning I took the test. That was Thursday the 25th. "I felt very bad, like I had a bad flu, with that body ache, that you don't want to get up from.

The test, normally, they give it to you here in 48 or 72 hours and it just coincided with the weekend. So I was from Thursday to Monday without the result. But it gave me the feeling that it could be a flu." It didn't look good for Davin as he added: "I tell you what I felt: that I was dying. That I was four days away from going one way or the other."