Bruno Soares: "I am very afraid of Rafael Nadal at the next 2021 Olympics"


Bruno Soares: "I am very afraid of Rafael Nadal at the next 2021 Olympics"

Confronting against Rafael Nadal in a men's singles match is probably the scariest prospect possible for a tennis player. Two other legends such as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic also had several problems in facing the Spanish champion, winner of 19 Grand Slam titles that never gives up and fights on any available spot.

Rafael Nadal is not only a champion in the men's singles events, but also in the doubles he has shown his great value several times. In a recent interview with the Olympic Call microphones, the tennis player Bruno Soares, winner of two Grand Slam tournaments in doubles, talked about a possible challenge against Rafael Nadal.

Together with his partner Marcelo Melo, Soares is one of the favorites to the final victory of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic gold medal in the men's doubles. Despite this, the athlete has admitted much to fear the duo composed of Rafael Nadal and Marc Lopez.

Here are his declarations: "Are we favorites? There are other favorite couples and we take the example of Rafael Nadal and Marc Lopez, they are the" old men "of the circuit. They played together for ten years and although Rafa does not play full time in the double I think they are very dangerous." Rafa Nadal does not often play in the double to avoid overwork due to the commitments in the single, but despite this, he has 11 titles won in the double, namely the Masters 1000 of Montecarlo and Indian Wells (this conquered twice) and the Olympic gold won precisely with Marc Lopez.

The two really show a great harmony and their chemistry could be an important factor in the next Olympics. Regarding the Olympics Bruno Soares also declares: "The best thing about the Olympics is the great uncertainty, couples are formed who never play during the year, but who are suitable for playing together and become very insidious.

There is always a lack of information and at the same time there is surprise for the new couples who will perform, this is one of the most beautiful things we can see in the Olympics."

Does Rafael Nadal play more golf or soccer?

Does Rafael Nadal play more golf or soccer? The Spaniard said: "Well, I love soccer.

But the problem is that it will be dangerous, for the injuries, no? So, I am playing more golf these days. I like to play golf, it is a social sport. I get to spend time in the family, with friends. It's a sport with hand technique, where you can compete with people with all kinds of different level.

That makes the sport fun. " Asked if he was as good at soccer as he was at golf, Nadal explained: "Soccer, I'm very bad at it today. I used to play soccer for a team here as a 14-year-old. I was okay, not bad. But now, honestly I am not able to play football, I am either bad or very bad at it."

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