Frances Tiafoe gives up on trying to figure out where he contracted virus

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Frances Tiafoe gives up on trying to figure out where he contracted virus

American tennis star Frances Tiafoe admits he will never figure out where he contracted the coronavirus. Tiafoe, ranked at No. 81 in the world, tested positive for the coronavirus in early-July at the All-American Team Cup.

The 22-year-old flew from Florida to Georgia in late-June -- at the time Florida was dealing with a major coronavirus outbreak. "It could’ve been anything," Tiafoe told the Washington City Paper. Tiafoe, a former world No.

29, tested positive for the coronavirus on July 3 and then he spent two weeks quarantine at his mother's house with his brother Franklin. The American has since recovered from the coronavirus and he has returned to the practice court as he is aiming to play at the Cincinnati Masters.

The USTA is planning to stage both the Cincinnati Masters and US Open in New York, in a bubble, where players will be required to follow strict health restrictions. "I’m locked in, so I’ll be out there,” Tiafoe says.

“I’ve been hitting, sweating, just trying to get ready”.

Tiafoe confident the US Open organizers can pull it off

Six-time ATP champion Nick Kyrgios withdrew from the US Open over coronavirus concerns. A number of players have expressed their concerns over playing in the United States -- the hardest hit nation by the coronavirus pandemic.

"Let’s take a breath here and remember what’s important, which is health and safety as a community. We can re-build our sport and the economy but we can never recover lives lost,” Kyrgios said in a video posted on the Uninterrupted social media account created by LeBron James, as quoted on Stuff.

“I have got no problem with the USTA putting on the US Open and if players want to go, that’s up to them, so long as everyone acts appropriately and acts safely. "No-one wants people to keep their jobs more than me.

"I am speaking for the guy who works in the restaurants, the cleaners and the locker room attendants. These are the people who need their jobs back the most and fair play to them. “But tennis players - we have to act in the interests of each other and work together."

But Tiafoe wants to play at the US Open and he thinks with a collective effort everything can work out just well. "These guys, they’re professionals, hopefully they can run it at a high level,” Tiafoe says of the US Open.

“Obviously the NBA is able to do it, obviously baseball is struggling. It’s tough ... but you hope everyone is [testing] negative going in and everybody quarantines and ... everyone does the right thing. I don’t see why this tournament can’t go [on]. I think guys want to compete, and a lot of people want to do what they love again”.