Coach Magnus Norman: Money and fame never changed Stan Wawrinka

Norman speaks positively of his pupil Wawrinka.

by Dzevad Mesic
Coach Magnus Norman: Money and fame never changed Stan Wawrinka

Coach Magnus Norman has an extremely high opinion of his pupil Stan Wawrinka as he claims the Swiss is the neighbor with whom you would like to hang out and go out for a drink. Norman and 35-year-old Wawrinka have been working together for years and they have developed a strong relationship off the court as well.

Over the last decade, world No. 17 Wawrinka has been one of the most accomplished players on the court as he has won some of the biggest titles and earned lots of money but all off that hasn't changed him, claims coach Norman.

Wawrinka, a three-time Grand Slam champion, is also a former world No. 3. "Stan is a very normal person, like a neighbor with whom you would like to go have a beer and have a good time," Norman said, per We Love Tennis France.

"Nothing fancy, he doesn't buy expensive clothes, he hasn't changed at all." Norman suggests working with Wawrinka has been nothing but a pleasure since the Swiss is always willing to listen and learn. Despite recently turning 35 years old, Wawrinka is still aiming to achieve the biggest things in the game and hopefully play for a few more seasons.

"We have managed to achieve his success through hard work but also by talking to each other a lot. Stan is a guy who loves to listen, always ready to try new things," Norman added.

Wawrinka won't kick off his season restart in the United States

Wawrinka has opted to skip the Cincinnati Masters and US Open and instead stay in Europe and play clay Challenger events.

"I just don't feel like traveling to the US under these conditions," Wawrinka explained to Tages-Anzeiger. "I'm at an age and a phase of my career where I can't play everything after so many months off. I prefer to stay here and prepare for the clay season.

“I don't feel like having to stay in the same hotel for three or four weeks in a bubble. And when you get far in New York, it gets complicated to play well on clay right away. And then it is still unclear whether you have to do a quarantine after returning from the USA.

There are many open questions." Wawrinka played a solid tennis before the season was shut down as he made the semifinal in Doha, before he picked up back-to-back quarterfinal exits at the Australian Open and Acapulco.

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