Ashleigh Barty: "My dream is to win Wimbledon"

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Ashleigh Barty: "My dream is to win Wimbledon"

Ashleigh Barty gave an interesting interview to the microphones of ABC TV where she analyzed the path of her career, dealt with various topics, not least the one regarding this terrible pandemic that has hit us all. The strong Australian tennis player still does not feel safe and for this reason she recently announced her forfeit from the US Open, the next US Open tournament and long awaited by many.

Barty is number 1 in the world and in New York would certainly have been one of the favorites (if not the main one) but she will not be there. Here are her statements: "At the beginning of my career I was very undecided about whether to choose whether to play tennis or cricket.

I remember that in my first part of my career I felt lost and indeed I was very lucky that my family helped me choose. And to make the right choice. Although I am a professional athlete, I am a person with a strong bond with the family and I love being in constant contact with them."

How he chose tennis and Barty's victories

Decisive for the choice of tennis was a chat with the now ex Australian tennis player Casey Dellacqua. Here are her words about it: "I had a chat with Casey and I realized that I really wanted to play tennis and participate in the big tournaments of this sport.

My desire was to try to bring out the best of myself in every competition and how level athlete I lacked the satisfaction that everyone should have for having done their job well. The victory at Roland Garros? To be honest, I didn't understand how I reacted either.

It almost felt as if what was happening wasn't real. I have blurred memories of the final and in the final part of the race I felt lost. What I did was do my best and I will never forget those moments." On her goals the Australian tennis player said: "My dream is to win Wimbledon.

It took me a long time to figure that out, but without a doubt that's what I want most at the moment. I will work hard to achieve these results, I managed to win this tournament in the junior category and it was very special."

About the global pandemic of Covid-19 Barty said: "I have been through ups and downs, there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen and we cannot do anything about it. We just have to do what we believe is best for us and wait for the right opportunity. We hope that sooner or later we can return to normal."