Gilles Cervara: "Roger Federer has improved his backhand"

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Gilles Cervara: "Roger Federer has improved his backhand"

The ATP Tour will restart from the Western and Southern Masters 1000, which will exceptionally be held this year in the Flushing Meadows bubble to avoid unnecessary travel. In 2019, Daniil Medvedev won that tournament and he proved to everyone that he has what it takes to aspire to the very first positions in the world ranking.

The project built by the young Russian player together with his coach Gilles Cervara was therefore winner. Medvedev currently occupies the 5th position of the ATP ranking and his sporting life has changed since he began to collect important results.

Now, in fact, he is in the position of all those tennis players forced to always improve to increase their level.

Gilles Cervara talked about Roger Federer's backhand

Cervara explained in an interview with the official website of the ATP some interesting opinion about the importance of the details and the improvements made by Roger Federer.

He said: "There are some things to improve from a technical point of view also at this level. I learned that Roger Federer, a few years ago, when he returned after stopping for six months, also worked on his backhand technique.

You always have to improve something. It depends on what you choose: sometimes you can work from a physical point of view, other times from a technical point of view because you want to improve a shot. Tennis after the long break? The most important thing, I would say, is to be able to play games.

The more games you can win, the better it is to find your rhythm this season. It's a difficult situation, because they don't know how the players will react. Perhaps the players who have been injured in the past know how to handle this situation compared to the younger ones, who for the first time stopped five consecutive months.

The more experienced players may have a small advantage." The opponents, after last year’s exploit, have begun to study in detail Medvedev’s way of staying on the court. Cervara talked also about this topic: "Obviously.

This is something I think about many times. Players study his game more and try to find a strategy to beat him. I have to think about this too during my work." Daniil Medvedev is already at the the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center of New York, to defend the title won last year at the Western and Southern Open and to defend (and maybe try to win) the final of last year got at the US Open, lost after five amazing sets against Rafael Nadal. Roger Federer will come back on the court for the Australian Open 2021, after the second surgery on his right knee.