Frances Tiafoe details process he went through after testing positive for virus

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Frances Tiafoe details process he went through after testing positive for virus

Rising American star Frances Tiafoe says his mom, who works as a nurse, was urging him to follow all the safety measures so it was tough for him to to break the news to her when he tested positive for the coronavirus. After handing a straight-set defeat to fellow compatriot Sam Querrey at the Atlanta exhibition, world No.

81 Tiafoe was tested for the coronavirus after feeling unwell. "Yes, I tested positive for COVID-19 in early July. I was in Atlanta for the All-American Team Cup event that was taking place down there, and after one of my matches the on-site doctor came up to me and said I needed to be tested.

I’d been through the process the week before, so I was used to it," Tiafoe said in his contribution post for The Players Tribune. "It was one of the rapid tests. Just a nasal swab and 15 minutes later they have your results.

I was just chillin’, getting ready to go back to the hotel, when the doc came to the locker room and told me I had tested positive. "I was like, “Man … you gotta run that back. There’s no way”.

But luckily for Tiafoe his mom understood everything

"Things just moved quickly after that. I had to head back home to Maryland to be with my brother to quarantine. He had tested positive as well, so we went into isolation together," Tiafoe added.

"And, man, I did not want to tell my mom. She was one of the last people I ended up telling because I knew she was going to be disappointed and concerned. I thought about having my agent tell her because … well, y’all know what moms are like when you’re sick, right? "But when I did get around to telling her, she understood that I had done everything I possibly could to be cautious and safe when I had to go out in public.

There are so many ways to contract the virus that, even if you do everything you can — even if you keep your bubble tight — COVID-19 doesn’t really care. "When I was in quarantine, I started to feel the symptoms.

It wasn’t too dissimilar from a regular flu, at least for me, but I’m fortunate enough to be young, in athletic shape and have had someone like my mom to help me recover properly."