Bruno Soares: Special and amazing to win US Open after just recovering from virus


Bruno Soares: Special and amazing to win US Open after just recovering from virus

Brazilian doubles star Bruno Soares admits winning it all the US Open feels amazing and the title means a lot to him since recently he was battling with the coronavirus. Soares, who didn't practice much prior to the US Open because he was in quarantine, performed great alongside Croatian Mate Pavic and the two beat No.

8 seeds Wesley and Nikola Mektic in the final 7-5 6-3. "Well, feels amazing. A Grand Slam is a Grand Slam. That's why we practiced. That's why we play," Soares said post-final. "For us, amazing. We had a little bit of rough beginning of the year tennis-wise, some injuries, some tough losses, and then it's crazy world.

"But to get back straight on and win a Grand Slam, it feels pretty good now. We put in a lot of work last week. We lost first round. I was coming from some tough 15 days of having Corona, so I didn't get much practice before coming here.

I wasted my practice for 15 days. "So it was good that we could put a lot of work before the slam. Pretty special to have this trophy with us now."

Soares didn't want to make it public

Soares, 38, now has three Grand Slam men's doubles tires in his collection.

"Yeah, I didn't post it or anything. I kept to myself. It was all right. I didn't have anything -- I had a blocked nose one day when I was back in Belo, and I was feeling a little bit weak, decided to get tested. I was getting tested anyways twice a week the month before coming here," Soares said of his coronavirus experience.

"I tested positive, isolated myself 14, 15 days isolated. Nothing, no symptoms. So just basically waiting for a negative test to come. Got lucky. Got it right after 14 days." Pavic, 27, now has two Grand Slam men's doubles titles in his collection and he is looking forward to going to Europe and competing at the French Open.

"Yeah, like Bruno said, Grand Slam is a Grand Slam. It's always a special feeling. To be honest, it does feel a bit strange because of the circumstances. But still, we had a very tough tournament, very tough five matches," Pavic added.

"We got back from tough first two rounds. You know, we were down a break in the third. The opponents were serving for the match second round. So we got back from all of those situations, building up confidence throughout the matches, playing better and better.

"Now we are here with the title, so we are extremely happy. Another Grand Slam title, and we are now looking forward already to Europe, next tournaments."

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