Caroline Wozniacki feared she had cancer after waking up “unable to move”

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Caroline Wozniacki feared she had cancer after waking up “unable to move”

Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki confessed, in an interview with People, that she woke up one morning “unable to move”, managing to get out of the sheets only with the help of her husband, David Lee.

At that moment, it was very hard for Wozniacki to imagine what was happening to her, especially as her physical shape was on-point. After all, she had won the long-dreamed-for Australian Open just a few months before the strange event.

“I looked at my husband David [Lee], and told him, ‘I literally can’t move, I’m so exhausted and in so much pain,’ said the 2018 Australian Open winner. “I felt like I’d been hit by a car and had mono at the same time”.

Not long after, the cause of the incident was going to become clearer for the Danish champion as she visited a New York City clinic for an expert’s opinion, who had identified an autoimmune disorder Wozniacki wasn’t aware of.

After more investigations, Caroline found out she has rheumatoid arthritis, an incurable autoimmune disorder that provokes pain and stiffness in the joints.

Caroline Wozniacki: “It could have been cancer”

Wozniacki feared the worst before being diagnosed with RA.

“It could have been cancer; it could have been a million things. Being a strong athlete and going from playing three hours on a tennis court and then the next day barely being able to get out of bed, raised a lot of question marks,” the former player told People.

Wozniacki has been fighting symptoms of the disease for a longer time, the magazine reports. Now, as she learned more about her condition, the 30 years old Danish is much more careful about her daily activities, recording how she feels each morning and acting accordingly.

“If I feel great, perfect, we go all-out and do everything. If I don’t feel well, then I have to be a bit kinder to myself and my body and not get frustrated if I have a bad day,” she said. The former world number retired from tennis after the 2020 Australian Open, but per her sayings, she hasn’t retired because of her disease.

Instead, she did it to spend more time with her husband. “Knowing that I can have children and everything should be fine was a big relief,” Wozniacki admitted.