Errani to Bertens: "I don't like who p*** me off!"

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Errani to Bertens: "I don't like who p*** me off!"

"This match has to be a lesson for me. I have to understand that if things don't go the way I want I have to think about changing my game first, not just at the end of the game. I know very well what I will do, even if I haven't communicated it yet.

Surely this season is not over for me," these are the words of Victoria Azarenka at the press conference, after the defeat in two stages against Anna Karolina Schmiedlova. WTA world no 161 had also eliminated Venus Williams in the first round.

The Slovakian was at the highest number 26 in the world and had only reached the third round in the Parisian Grand Slam in 2014, losing to Garbine Muguruza. In the next round he will meet the Argentine Podoroska, number 131 in the world.

Vika made 38 unforced errors. Schmiedlova's victory was questioned only by a bad crash at the start of the second set. Despite the medical time-out, the Slovakian got two consecutive breaks, beating Victoria Azarenka and thus reaching the third round of the Parisian Slam.

Sara Errani's press-conference

There were over 25 journalists ready to listen to Kiki Bertens and Sara Errani, in a very fiery press conference, especially for the words of the Italian, not exactly flattering towards her opponent, who said: "I don't know how to say it in English, but I don't like who p*** me off.

She played a great game, but first she looked like she was injured and then she ran like she never ran. I don't like these attitudes. If she wants to play like this, it's her decision. But it bothers me, also because I am the one who is defined as an incorrect player.

Now it is difficult to analyze the match objectively, there is still a lot of anger, but it was probably the first set that weighed more, because in the third it was all very balanced. Bertens' cramps? Maybe she has the magic potion, because for an hour she seemed to have cramps and then ran like no never."

The Dutchwoman's response: "I sweated a lot, and even though I drank a lot, I still experienced cramps first in my left leg, then in my right foot, then in both hands. Are you wrong? I don't take it personally because I understand his frustration for losing the game, for not taking the chances she had.

She can say whatever she wants, but if I was really pretending maybe I should take acting lessons, pursue an acting career instead of playing tennis."