Rafael Nadal: 'Today I am among the two strongest players in history'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Today I am among the two strongest players in history'

Rafael Nadal rewrote tennis history at the Roland Garros 2020. On Sunday, the world number two defeated Serbian Novak Djokovic in three sets in the French Open final, winning his 20th Slam trophy. Rafa granted a new interview to the ATP website, in which he discussed his latest achievement.

First of all, the Mallorcan referred to the different playing conditions this year: “I played a very good Roland Garros under the circumstances, I made progress every day. In the final I played the perfect match. I just played well enough every time to win the match.

Every year I come to Paris and I think I don't win. I come with the illusion of doing it, knowing however that the normal thing would be not to succeed. The logical thing is to lose, I always keep this in mind. As I said on the first day, this was the most difficult Roland Garros I have ever participated in, first of all because of the conditions and secondly because my preparation was practically nil in terms of tournaments."

Given the lack of matches, Nadal confessed to referring to his 2019 match against Djokovic in Rome, which he won in three sets. The Spaniard also spoke of the central court in Paris: “Philippe Chatrier is a very difficult, very large court.

It has enormous dimensions. But there is one intangible thing: when you've played really well many times in the same place, it's easier to do it again. There is more confidence in yourself and this has a positive influence."

Rafael Nadal: "Today I am among the two strongest players in history"

As always, the Spanish champion underlined the importance of his team: “I had the right people next to me. They pushed me when needed and allowed me the freedom to enjoy other things when I needed them.

We had to make tough decisions, like skipping the US Open. Everything is right or wrong depending on the final result. Now this looks like a success because I won Roland Garros, if I had lost it might not have been so good. It is the reality of sport, a world based on results."

Nadal talked about the race for the Grand Slam, finally reached on a par with Federer: "On a sporting level it is clear that I have achieved something important: to win again one of the most important tournaments in the world, the 13th Grand Slam and draw the score with Federer .

We've been talking about it for a long time, especially you journalists. I managed to match a record that seemed impossible. The numbers should be analyzed by people who are familiar with the history of tennis. Honestly, I don't care that much.

I am happy with my career. To date it is clear that I am among the two strongest ever. We will see what happens in the next few years: what Djokovic will do, what Federer will do and what I will do."