Toni Nadal: "Roger Federer is superior to Rafael Nadal, because..."

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Toni Nadal: "Roger Federer is superior to Rafael Nadal, because..."

Last Sunday, at the Roland Garros 2020, Rafael Nadal literally made history. The Spanish champion effortlessly beat Novak Djokovic in three sets and thus won his thirteenth crown in Paris. Talking during an interview with Radio Marca, the uncle of the Spanish champion Toni Nadal has, surprisingly, chosen Roger Federer as the real GOAT of tennis.

On the one hand, Toni praises his nephew but at the same time believes that Roger Federer is the best of all time. About Roger Federer and Nadal and their 20 Slams, Toni Nadal said: "Statistics aside Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have elevated this sport to a higher category, something that others can hardly do.

It seems right to me that both are considered the two best players in tennis history." Here are the words of Toni Nadal during an interview: "I am very happy to see my nephew win again. Against Djokovic, Rafa had an extraordinary game against a great rival and was clearly in a very adverse situation."

The predictions given the closed roof, given the environment and the time of year gave everything in favor of Novak Djokovic, but the Spaniard has been in adversity several times and has literally annihilated the number one in the world.

Toni said he conditions of the tournament could favor Djokovic on paper but the Serbian did not take advantage of it.

Toni Nadal on the GOAT

But, although they are now both at 20 Slams in their careers, Toni Nadal's opinion does not change: "For me the best continues to be Roger Federer, he has more tournaments won, has more overall victories and more weeks at the top of the standings.

to the Ranking, all of this counts." Nadal himself, after beating Djokovic in the final, spoke at the conference and regarding a question about the Swiss champion he glossed over with this message: "It's not the time for me to think about Roger Federer or these great numbers.

For me this is just a win at Roland Garros and Roland Garros means everything to me." After the match Roger Federer also left a touching message on social media to congratulate his bitter rival and at the same time a great friend.

The reality is that no one at the moment can say for sure who the GOAT is, but the Big Three, namely Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have more or less the same number of fans and each of them continues to pursue their own idea.