Grigor Dimitrov reveals why he went public after testing positive for virus

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Grigor Dimitrov reveals why he went public after testing positive for virus

Former world No. 3 Grigor Dimitrov recalled his coronavirus experience in an interview with the BBC Sport and admitted that he should not have traveled to the United States when the season restarted. In late-June, Bulgarian tennis star Dimitrov was feeling unwell after his opening match played at the Adria Tour event in Zadar and a day later his coronavirus test came back as positive.

Dimitrov, now ranked at No. 19 in the world, said it "lingered him for a while" even after he recovered from the coronavirus. Dimitrov kicked off his season restart in the United States, where he picked up back-to-back second round exits at the Cincinnati Masters and US Open.

"I almost feel I shouldn't have gone to the States but I had to test myself, I had to know where my body was at," Dimitrov said. "Every time I wanted to see it was maybe a couple of steps forward but maybe one step backwards."

Dimitrov now feeling 'way better'

In his last two tournaments played this season, Dimitrov made the Antwerp semifinal and Vienna quarterfinal, respectively. "I feel way, way better - I don't even take naps any more or anything like that.

"But there are some things here and there that you're like 'Oh man, that's not the same' It's fine, I get it but who knows how this thing is going to go. All I hope is that I don't get it again."

Dimitrov released a statement on his social media shortly after testing positive for the coronavirus and now he has revealed the main reasons behind him going public. "As a player I could have easily stayed home and just not said a word, right? But I said to myself 'no, that's not right'

There were so many kids around me and god forbid they had some other health issues, then what would I do? Can I live with myself? No I cannot," Dimitrov said. Meanwhile, Dimitrov was praised by Denis Shapovalov at this week's Sofia Open.

"Oh yeah, of course. I mean, Grigor has been around for so many years and he is an amazing player. I feel like he has definitely brought a lot to Bulgarian tennis. I have seen so many guys coming up from Bulgaria so it's pretty amazing what he has been able to do for the country," Shapovalov said of Dimitrov.