Stefanos Tsitsipas on Nitto ATP Finals: Why not go on and try to win it undefeated

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Stefanos Tsitsipas on Nitto ATP Finals: Why not go on and try to win it undefeated

World No. 6 Stefanos Tsitsipas claims he physically feels much better now as he did some rehab on his injured leg prior to the Nitto ATP Finals. After losing in the French Open semifinal, Tsitsipas announced he had contracted an edema injury.

Tsitsipas returned to action in Vienna but he was clearly far from his best as in Vienna he was beaten in the round-of-16, while he suffered a second round loss at the Paris Masters. "I'm doing better than before.

I was in Paris for 7-8 days, I was treated in a clinic that my friend Victor recommended. We focused on my injury, the recovery, and the workout of this specific muscle, so that I can play this week, because it's one of the most important tournaments of the year," Tsitsipas told Vicky Georgatou.

"London brings back such good memories. Last year I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Mitsokis (Greek Prime Minister) who came here to support me. It was a very pleasant surprise. I had the chance to play in front of my family, my managers, and my friends.

This tournament brought me a lot of happiness and joy. Being here again this year is something very special, it demonstrates that I'm focused on my work. And it means a lot to me, in terms of my tennis, that I have managed to be in this position, at such a difficult time like the COVID-19 pandemic."

Tsitsipas hoping to defend his Nitto ATP Finals title

Last year, Tsitsipas edged out world No. 3 Dominic Thiem in a nerve-wracking final at The O2 Arena to lift his maiden Nitto ATP Finals title. "There is no reason for me to be anxious, this tournament does not have the pressure of other events," Tsitsipas insisted.

I want to enjoy every moment, every match. I'm among the eight best players, I am a small part of this tournament and that brings me only joy, not pressure! With the right mentality, the one I had last year, with the right tactics and with a clear head, that helps me avoid too many thoughts during a match, I hope things go just as well as last year, if not even better!" Tsitsipas isn't lacking any motivation as he is hoping to win back-to-back titles at The O2 Arena.

"Sure, why not! I had one loss last year, why not go on this year and try to win it undefeated. It would be a fantastic achievement," Tsitsipas said, when asked if he was hoping to win back-to-back ATP Finals titles.