Tsitsipas talks about winning the 2019 ATP Finals

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Tsitsipas talks about winning the 2019 ATP Finals

World no. 6 Stefanos Tsitsipas talked about his title run at the 2019 ATP Finals. Tsitsipas won the biggest title of his career against Dominic Thiem. Both players talked about their last year's finals before their 2020 final match of ATP.

They said that last year's final match was unforgettable. Tsitsipas says that last year's win for him was one of the difficult wins of his career. Tsitsipas also said that he would have never known how the second set became very beneficial for him.

Interestingly, in their rematch at the 2020 ATP Finals, Tsitsipas won the second set against Thiem before losing his opening round-robin match in three sets.

Stefanos Tsitsipas on 2019 ATP Finals.

Furthermore, the Greek also said that before his match, he does not think about what he has to do during the match.

According to him, him thinking less about the match awarded him a great performance in the second set last year. The second set of his match did not provide him as much option as he had wanted, but it was excellent for him, said Stefanos Tsitsipas.

From the support of the crowd, he absorbed energy and gave his best in that match. Dominic was not an easy target to defeat. But the crowd provided him with the courage that also helped him to become the youngest champion at the ATP Finals.

Holding the trophy felt amazing to him. Tsitsipas felt very emotional at that time. He did not think that he would have achieved such a great victory at this age of his life. He says that crowd support provided him with the courage to win the match so, he gave his win to people.

He also reveals his first meet with Dominic Thiem. Dominic Theim was a very respectable tennis player for him, and he considered very honored after winning the match from Dominic Theim. Stefanos Tsitsipas also says that he was willing to perform very well in another final with Dominic Theim.

He said that last year's match experience will help him a lot in future matches. Regarding the tournament, he said that last year's tournament is one of the best and life achieving tournaments of his life. He felt very excited and hopeful for future tournaments and matches. On Tuesday, Tsitsipas played Andrey Rublev in his second round-robin match.