Ana Ivanovic shares a congratulatory message on the 30th edition of WTA Linz


Ana Ivanovic shares a congratulatory message on the 30th edition of WTA Linz

WTA Linz organized the 30th edition of the event in 2020. On the occasion, Ana Ivanovic congratulated WTA Linz through a post on Instagram. She said that her experience with Linz championships is very good because she won this championships title two times in 2008 and 2010.

Ivanovic says that this year is very strange for everyone in the world but on the other hand this year is also very special in a certain way. Maybe she is remembering her incredible win in the Linz championship and that makes her more hopeful and optimistic.

Ana Ivanovic wishes WTA Linz

The Linz tournament has provided her with many good memories and chances to win the title, So, she feels very excited while giving greetings to Linz championship on their anniversary. She claims that winning the Linz tournament is not that easy, which is a good thing; competition makes the match interesting.

This is a very good platform that encourages players to show their talent and learn more about tennis. Moreover, to express her feelings while playing the Linz tournament, she says that matches of Linz's event are very tiring, but you have to stay focused on the match for a perfect win.

Training for this tournament also requires tiring efforts as well as focus on the game. If a tennis player is not prepared for the championship match, then win for them is very difficult or maybe impossible. So, this championship requires passion, hard work, and tiring efforts.

Ivanovic showed good memories and experience with Linz tournaments. Linz tournament gives emotions to players also provide respect for talent and player's effort. Furthermore, she said that working for a tournament as Linz does is not that easy, but the courage of Linz for the promotion of talent allows them to work with great passion.

This passion led to better playing and willing to win every battle with even more potential. Ana Ivanovic won two titles in Linz: in 2008 and 2010. Ivanovic first played in Linz in 2005 and reached the semi-finals in her debut year (lost to Patty Schnyder).

Aryna Sabalenka won the 2020 edition of the tournament, beating her doubles partner and friend, Elise Mertens. The Linz Open was the last tournament of the WTA calendar in 2020, on account of several tournaments, including the WTA Finals.

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