Bruno Soares explains what led to reuniting with Jamie Murray for 2021

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Bruno Soares explains what led to reuniting with Jamie Murray for 2021

Brazilian doubles star Bruno Soares admitted he was surprised when Croatian Mate Pavic told him about his decision to end their partnership and team up with fellow compatriot Nikola Mektic. Soares and Pavic, who are currently the No.

1 doubles team in the world, won the US Open this year and ended runners-up at the French Open. "I am surprised, as everyone else," Soares said, per Metro UK. "I wasn’t expecting that at all. "I mean, I guess he wanted to play with Mektic.

They are very good friends, both from the same country, there is Olympics coming. "I don’t know. To be honest, when he came to talk to me, I was a bit disappointed. I told him, and I didn’t want to kept on the conversation.

So I said, Okay, if you want to do that after the year that we had, go ahead. "I don’t know if he had that before in his head and then the results just kept on not going in his favour to make a move like that and that came to a point that he had to do it, but, yeah, I was very surprised.

But like I said, you’ve got to respect everyone thinks different, and you’ve got to understand. "I was a little bit sad for me after having such a great year. Like you said, fighting for No. 1, being the best team after the break.

"But life goes on. You know, there is nothing I can do right now other than work hard and keep trying to do my thing."

Soares explains how he got back together with Jamie Murray

Soares and Murray, who claimed two Grand Slam titles together in 2016, ended their partnership after the 2019 French Open.

The split with Pavic opened the doors for Soares to reunite with Murray. "Mate came to me the end of last week and decided that he wanted to split and he had different plans for 2021," Soares revealed. "Jamie found out the news.

Came to talk to me, my plans. To be honest, I didn’t really have any plans because I was trying to focus, you know, on the tournament here, pretty big one. "But again, I have to at one point look for a partner. It seemed to me a great idea.

I really like Jamie as a person, as a player. We had a lot of success together. "I think we both are more experienced, more mature now. I’m really looking forward for next year."