Gilles Simon not ruling out possibility of becoming coach one day

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Gilles Simon not ruling out possibility of becoming coach one day

Former world No. 6 Gilles Simon has no plans to retire anytime soon but he has revealed that we could see him as a coach on the Tour one day. Simon, who will turn 36 later this month, is still capable of performing at a good level as he is ranked at No.

63 in the world and a regular participant of the events staged on the ATP Tour. "As a TV consultant, I think that we are in a passive position,” Simon said on Why I love tennis, as revealed on Tennis Majors. “To be a coach, it’s to be active.

We will talk to the player to try to find good mechanisms. It’s something that interests me a lot. I see myself more in the role of an actor rather than a spectator”. When asked about the prospect of becoming the French national technical director, Simon honestly explained: "There are people already there who are competent for that.

There is the training, the technique, I don’t know how to do that. There are people who better master that aspect of tennis than me”.

Simon still going strong

This season, Simon appeared in each of the three Grand Slams staged and also reached the semifinal in Marseille.

Simon is past his prime but he still feels well and he is not ready to call it a career. "I will continue as long as it makes sense,” Simon noted. “I love to play tennis, although it drives you crazy, and I will play as long as I am up to it.

Both mentally and physically”. Recently, Simon revealed that his son Timothee is a big Roger Federer fan. "My wife has always been a massive Nadal fan, with my two sons following her choice. In 2017, Roger Federer defeated Rafa in the Australian Open final in five sets.

My older son Timothee was angry that we had influenced him towards Nadal when Federer was the better player. Since then, Roger has been his hero, with no one even close to the Swiss, including me, his father. When I played against Roger in Basel, Timothee told me that he was on Roger's side; those are kids, and you can only smile on that," Simon said.

Simon, who has won 14 titles over the course of his career, has a big knowledge about the game and it wouldn't be surprising if he decided to become a coach one day.