Richard Krajicek wants Roger Federer in Rotterdam

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Richard Krajicek wants Roger Federer in Rotterdam

Roger Federer was used to traveling around the world with his inseparable wife Mirka and with the two pairs of twins who are now six and eleven years old respectively, as well as large support staff, before what happened with COVID-19 global pandemic.

With the advent of the pandemic linked to the health emergency, there are restrictions that involve the presence of only two travel companions for the Swiss champion. In addition to this the entire 'Clan Federer' should be subjected to two weeks of quarantine, upon his arrival abroad and in which he can only go out for five hours a day, always following a rather strict regulation.

In addition to all these problems there is also the real risk of not being able to choose your own accommodation but having to adapt to what the tournament organizers decide. This situation as well as the physical problems obviously led Roger to postpone his return to the field.

For the Swiss, the situation could still recur but everyone, Roger, first of all, hopes that the Covid problem will be solved in view of the next tournaments. Federer will try to make a virtue of this stop and take advantage to improve his physical condition.

At the moment it is impracticable to establish recovery times and come back to a tennis court but there should be no problems at all regarding Roger's presence at Wimbledon for next June and at the Tokyo Olympics, the two main goals of the champion's season.

Richard Krajicek's words about Roger Federer

Former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek said the doors of ATP Rotterdam event will always be open for Roger Federer. The Dutch tournament director revealed: "Roger Federer knows he is always welcome here.

Usually, when we talk about the Big Three, we wait for the manager to contact you to indicate if he wants to participate in the tournament. But given the opportunity, I can always send an email to see if the possibility is feasible.

Obviously, if he considers himself unsuitable to play on February 8th I think he doesn't know yet if he can really play next March 1st. But remember that playing the best of three sets is very different from playing the best of five."

Krajicek then concluded by saying: "I know he really likes playing in Dubai and maybe after Rotterdam, he could decide to play in Doha or Dubai." During his career, Roger Federer has a record of 28-6 in the Rotterdam tournament and has three occasions the Dutch tournament, the last time in 2018 (during that event he came back world no.1 for some weeks).