Donna Vekic: "My goal for 2021 is..."

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Donna Vekic: "My goal for 2021 is..."

Donna Vekic, after celebrating New Year's Eve in Dubai with Belinda Bencic, she is preparing for the WTA Abu Dhabi. However, she had spent Christmas with her family, in Zagreb. Shortly before Christmas, however, Donna, a guest on a Croatian television program, talked about tennis at 360 degrees.

She said: "I spend 90% of my time wearing tennis shoes. Also, for this reason, wearing heels is very dangerous for me. Many players have to bandage their joints before playing, I still don't. After all, we have to work to strengthen everything.

"I like to arrive late at the airport. I'm not usually a late arrival, but I don't want to arrive at the airport three hours before departure, I don't see the point. All my coaches have never been agreeing with me on that.

And a couple of times it happened that we arrived just in time and this is actually unnecessary stress. "So last year I made the decision to arrive on time at the airport, not to be late and all in a hurry. To tell the truth, we didn't fly a lot last year.

I had played the final in St. Petersburg. The match ended late and after that there was dinner.

Donna Vekic: "My goal for 2021 is ..."

"I went to sleep around two, at five we had to go to the airport Actually we should have left at four, but I forced to move at five ...

I probably turned off the alarm while sleeping, the fact is that my father woke me up: I don't know how he got into my room, maybe they let him in those of the reception given the situation and thank goodness because otherwise, we would have missed the plane.

"I was so out of my mind that I was putting on my shoes and still in my (pyjamas). Luckily dad prevented me from going out in those conditions! The first is to always test negative for coronavirus! The goals will actually be the same as last year, carried over to the new year.

In fact, I believe that last season should not really be considered." Finally, Donna Vekic said, "To begin with, the first tournament starts in Abu Dhabi in a few days, then we will fly to Australia. Where a strict two-week quarantine awaits us first, then freedom.

The public will be there and we will be able to move freely, as they say, there is no coronavirus in Australia now. "