Nick Kyrgios and loneliness can affect tennis

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Nick Kyrgios and loneliness can affect tennis

In the world of tennis we almost always talk about the beautiful side of things, such as tournament, matches, victories, titles and records, the general numbers of athletes and everything that makes this fantastic sport exciting.

On the other hand, what people do not see and that we certainly hear the least are the negative aspects, what scares athletes and what is behind success and marketing. After all, we all know that this is the price to pay for being a professional tennis player.

One of the most sensitive topics concerning the world of tennis is loneliness and the two tennis players Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas have discussed it with colleagues from Tennis Majors. Hours of flight, recurring travels for the entire year and various delicate moments are things that we don't do often but that a professional tennis player sees 365 days a year and at times it almost seems to be a punishment.

This should not be taken for granted, but for a player facing the daily loneliness is quite a difficult situation.

Kyrgios and Tsitsipas on loneliness in tennis

Tsitsipas began by stating: "Tennis is a lonely sport, where you really are very lonely.

We have a team that follows us all over the world but I would be lying if I said I don't spend countless nights sleeping alone. All these journeys have added further stress and I now feel led to isolate myself." During his career Nick Kyrgios has instead spoken several times about how much tennis brought difficulties to his way of being and living life.

Here are his words about this topic: "From the beginning of my career I felt lost, I was alone in an ocean of so many people and I felt like I couldn't talk or tell anyone how I felt. It's not a good thing to travel all the time and it seemed almost as if I didn't have a home."

The debate is concluded by a sports psychologist who shared his thoughts: "Not everyone has the desire to travel constantly and constantly and to be away from their family, this is something that must be accepted. Loneliness is a real problem that must be worked on every time with travel that brings benefits but also leads to that.

The life of the tennis player is particular, I would say unique and a life like this can generate emotional difficulties, not everyone can find satisfaction in all this."