Brett Haber: "Opponents have difficulty with Naomi Osaka"

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Brett Haber: "Opponents have difficulty with Naomi Osaka"

2020 was a good year for the Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, as we can remember through the victory of the last Us Open 2020, arrived in the final against Victoria Azarenka. At the end of the match Naomi said: "I could have easily given up, but somehow I eventually took the tournament home."

After the crisis caused by the health emergency, Osaka had a lot of difficulties but at the same time she went on with the desire to win tournaments. Before the pandemic she the athlete she played in a disappointing Australian Open where she was defeated by the young sixteen year old and Enfant Prodige of American tennis Cori Gauff.

The pandemic has hit the tennis world heavily causing the temporary closure of competitions. No tennis player knew how things would turn out, when she was back on the pitch and what her mental or physical abilities would be to win a game.

We returned in August with the tournament directors who decided to organize the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati and the US Open in the Flushing Meadows Bubble, New York.

The statements of Brett Haber

It started with the Cincinnati tournament, played in Flushing Meadows anyway and which saw Osaka retire before the final due to an injury.

The Japanese said: "I felt hamstring problems after my first game, I can understand it since I have been seven months without playing but things got worse as." Osaka gave way in the final with tennis player Victoria Azarenka who thus won the tournament.

We went on and at the US Open things improved with Naomi Osaka reaching the final and as in a twist of fate she found Victoria Azarenka. After a first set lost quite clearly, Osaka was afraid of losing clearly but blow after blow and thanks to her forehand and serving her, she overturned the match and won an unexpected victory, taking home the third Slam of her career.

Brett Haber, television commentator, spoke thus about Osaka's tactics: "The opponents have difficulty breaking her motivations and her great concentration, she has perhaps even luckyly won a Grand Slam victory in this strange 2020 and in Tokyo.

at the Olympic games to be held in July she will have a great chance to win." As we know, Naomi Osaka announced in 2019 that she would be renouncing US citizenship in compliance with Japanese laws that do not formally recognize dual citizenship.

Up to now, in fact, Osaka has benefited from an exception granted by Japanese legislation to hafu, the children of couples of mixed nationality. According to Japanese law, hafu have the possibility to keep double passports until the age of 22, after which they must choose one or the other nationality.

Osaka turned 22 on October 16th 2019 and she has repeatedly confirmed that she intends to keep only her Japanese passport. Naomi first in Florida and California. For the moment, according to some rumors, Osaka has not yet given up her US citizenship, despite more than a year having passed since her twenty-second birthday, but maybe something could change before Tokyo 2021.