Denis Kudla speaks on his condition after testing positive at AO qualifying

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Denis Kudla speaks on his condition after testing positive at AO qualifying

American tennis player Denis Kudla reveals he is experiencing mild symptoms after testing positive for the coronavirus this week. At 6-4 5-3 for Kudla, he and his opponent Elliot Benchetrit were notified that the American's test results for COVID-19 came back as positive.

Benchetrit, who was serving to stay in the match, lost his service game as Kudla progressed into the Australian Open qualifying second round. After the match, Benchetrit explained that had he served out for 5-4, the match would have been stopped and he would have progressed into round two.

"Hey everyone, I am doing fine with mild symptoms with a mild cough and I lost my taste for a few days. Quarantine for 10 days until I test again and if I am positive it’s another 4 days and negative I’m released," Kudla said in a Twitter post.

"The situation was unfortunate and testing could of come back sooner. We had no idea that the last game was being played before I was getting pulled off and as soon as it was over I was told immediately and taken to quarantine.

I did not think I had it because I had tested negative twice before that match and felt fine."

Kudla was negative when he arrived to Doha

"I am not sure where I could of gotten it but it was my 3rd test in a week.

There are usual flaws in these bubbles we are in but the turnaround for these tests should be quicker. I received my first test within 8 hours and my second in 30 hours so big difference," Kudla added. "I was surprised to see the gap between our 2nd and 3rd test being 4 days and the 3rd test happening on the first day qualies began.

Its a tough situation and I know if I was on the other side of this I would not want to play against someone who is positive which spreads the virus and creates walkovers. "I’m hoping moving forward these issues can be resolved with demanding these tests to have turnarounds quicker than 30 hours when the resources are there to get them sooner which protects us in the long run."

Kudla, ranked at No. 114 in the world, hopes that the Australian Open will kick off as scheduled on February 8. "Finally I’m feeling fine and I’m hoping that AO runs as smoothly as possible and these situations can be avoided," Kudla concluded.