'Revived' Bernard Tomic aims to play until 35

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'Revived' Bernard Tomic aims to play until 35

Former world No. 17 Bernard Tomic appears to have rediscovered his passion for tennis as now he is aiming to play the game professionally until 35. Tomic, who drew lots of negative attention following his first round exit at Wimbledon in 2017, hasnt enjoyed much success on the Tour over the last few years.

Tomic, now ranked at No. 228 in the world, didn't receive a wildcard for the Australian Open but he made it past the qualifying event to earn a main draw place at Melbourne Park. "Mate, I didn't get to see an aeroplane for like 10 months.

That's been the best thing," Tomic told AAP, as revealed on Perth Now. "Spending almost two decades travelling is tough. "So I feel like now I've rested, Im ready and I've given myself a chance to put in at least another, let's say, four, five, six ...

seven years." "Seven? Really? "I ain't got to play to 38, 39 - there's some guys out there playing at that age, there's no chance that's me. "But seven years done. 35? If I'm still top 50, top 100 then, yeah I'll keep playing."

Tomic praised Tristan Schoolkate

Tomic was on the brink of losing his second round match in the qualifying as Schoolkate was serving for the match in the third set. Unfortunately for Schoolkate, he served a double fault on his match point and ended up paying the ultimate price.

"Yeah. He's got a good future," Tomic said of the Schoolkate. "If he does the right thing, he'll get to the the top 100 in the world." Tomic is happy with the way he's been progressing over the last several months.

"I was never the fittest guy, man, never put the work in like these other guys but we'll have to see, Tomic said. "I had back issue in recent games and that went away after seven days, so I've only been able to do a couple of hours a day, when I'd like to have put in three or four, but I've been on the right track for the last couple of months.

"But it's good having had time off, not having played much tennis from March through October. So this last six, seven weeks I managed to - let's say - do the right thing."