Philipp Oswald: Unfair some can train in Adelaide while we are barracked in Melbourne

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Philipp Oswald: Unfair some can train in Adelaide while we are barracked in Melbourne

Austrian doubles star Philipp Oswald is one of the 47 players that has been placed in quarantine ahead of the Australian Open. On two planes to Melbourne, three individuals tested positive for the coronavirus and a total of 47 players were deemed as close contacts and as such were put in quarantine.

"Marcus Daniell and I played at Delray Beach after we had trained together in Vorarlberg until mid-December," Oswald told "After the Australian Open was postponed, he decided to fly to his wife in America over Christmas.

So it made sense to compete in Delray Beach. It was clear that three planes would fly to Melbourne: one from Los Angeles, one from Singapore and one from Doha. We were then in Delray Beach, but we didn't know exactly what our flight connection would be like - the Australian Open took a lot of time and the procedure was very complicated.

During the tournament in Delray Beach we got the information that we would start in Los Angeles. We then had to see for ourselves how to get there. But then we noticed that a lot of players were leaving via Miami. This airport is only an hour's drive from Delray Beach.

It was then a bit tedious to communicate. We were told that the planes had already been assigned. So we flew to Los Angeles and then slept one night at the airport so that we wouldn't miss the flight. The flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne was great, we had endless space and great service.

It was a really nice flight. We started two hours late because Tennys Sandgren had a positive test and it wasn't sure whether he was allowed on board or not. In the end, however, he was allowed to fly because he already had Corona, was therefore non-infectious and the test may have been false positive.

Oswald says everything seemed well

Upon arrival in Melbourne everything was great! It was strictly controlled and we noticed that Corona was taken extremely seriously," Oswald acknowledged. We got a new face mask and had to disinfect our hands straight away - so it was really special, but well organized.

We then took the bus to our hotel, accompanied by a police escort, and everything was actually normal there. We then went into the room, which is okay too. Unfortunately, the internet doesn't work that well for me, it's really slow.

It is said that multiple players feel this way because the WiFi is overloaded. The connection is a catastrophe for me and it is difficult for me to keep in touch with my family. You can only order food - we are not even allowed to have fitness equipment or books brought to us.

I actually wanted to order a SIM card, but I'm not allowed to either. But then I saw that you can order SIM cards in the supermarket - where there is also food. It is allowed. I hope this works so that my internet situation improves.

Yesterday I also did the test and didn't really think anything about it. Today I got the mail that our flight was practically contaminated and that we will all be locked up for two weeks now. That was of course a shock! It's amazing that we can't practice.

The conditions in the quarantine are not world-class either, but somehow you understand everything. I understand that they are taking it very seriously because there are no cases in Australia and there is a fear that we will bring back Corona.

None of that is an issue, but it is very tedious. I don't think it's entirely fair that a few players are allowed to train in Adelaide and we are barracked in Melbourne - especially the players who were in the two "Corona planes", of course."