Dominik Koepfer on quarantine: Top players have advantages in Melbourne as well

More than 70 players are under a strict quarantine ahead of the Australian Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Dominik Koepfer on quarantine: Top players have advantages in Melbourne as well

World No. 68 Dominik Koepfer is not the one complaining about the conditions in the Melbourne quarantine as he insists players who are not in Adelaide have some advantages as well. While the top players such as world No. 1 Novak Djokovic and record 20-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal are able to train in Adelaide, more than 70 players are under a strict quarantine in Melbourne.

A number of players have complained about the conditions in the quarantine but they will have to spend 14 days in isolation. "The top players have advantages in Melbourne as well. [...] Some have a connecting door so they can see their physio.

I have my own room, my coach is in the next room; so I can't see him. For me personally, it's totally okay... For other players, who would have liked to bring more people with them, it is of course strange that their request was not considered; while e.g.

Kevin Anderson comes with 6 people and his nanny. Then some players feel a bit disadvantaged, which you can understand," Koepfer said, as revealed by insidetennis99/Twitter.

Koepfer set for his second Australian Open main draw appearance

Last year, Koepfer debuted at the Australian Open but did not impress as he lost to Pedro Martinez in the first round.

Over the weekend, Austrian doubles specialist Philipp Oswald voiced his displeasure over the Melbourne quarantine. "Unfortunately, the internet doesn't work that well for me, it's really slow," Oswald told tennisnet, "It is said that multiple players feel this way because the WiFi is overloaded.

The connection is a catastrophe for me and it is difficult for me to keep in touch with my family. You can only order food - we are not even allowed to have fitness equipment or books brought to us." Oswald also spoke about not being able to practice for 14 days.

"That was of course a shock! It's amazing that we can't practice," Oswald said. "The conditions in the quarantine are not world-class either, but somehow you understand everything. I understand that they are taking it very seriously because there are no cases in Australia and there is a fear that we will bring back Corona.

None of that is an issue, but it is very tedious. I don't think it's entirely fair that a few players are allowed to train in Adelaide and we are barracked in Melbourne - especially the players who were in the two "Corona planes", of course."

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