Vika Azarenka to colleagues: "Have respect!"

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Vika Azarenka to colleagues: "Have respect!"

Viktoria Azarenka is one of the 72 tennis players included in the strict quarantine, with limitations and all the problems that are being created around the first seasonal Grand Slam. Vika appealed to her colleagues seeking unity and cohesion, especially in a moment very strong like this they are living in Australia.

She said in a long post on Twitter: "Dear players, coaches, entourages and members of the Australian community. I would like to address my colleagues and the media world around the world for a moment. There have been difficult times for many of us and We did not expect to end up in the situation we are in now.

Staying in strict quarantine for 14 days is very hard to accept, considering all the work that each of us put in during the off-season to prepare for the first Grand Slam of the year. I understand all the frustration and feelings of injustice that have been generated and that are overwhelming us.

Vika Azarenka to colleagues: "Have respect!"

We are in a pandemic, no one has clear instructions on how to get busy making the best and without smudging; we saw it well last year. Sometimes things happen and you have to accept them, adapt and move on!

I would like to ask for cooperation from all my colleagues, I would like to ask for understanding and empathy for the local community that has overcome the equally severe restrictions that were imposed on it. I would like to ask my colleagues to also be sensitive to people who have lost their jobs and their loved ones during this horrible time.

I would like to ask him to have respect for the people who work tirelessly to try to make our life easier. I would like to kindly ask the media to be more aware of the impact and influence they have on the situation and on people.

I would like the people of this community to know and understand how our top priority is the health of all people. Finally, I would like us to support each other as much as possible. Things always get easier when you are in a compassionate environment and work together.

Once again I thank everyone for their efforts as we continue to move forward through the coming days and weeks. Thanks. Vika."