Kevin Anderson urges players in Australian Open quarantine to show more respect

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Kevin Anderson urges players in Australian Open quarantine to show more respect

Former world No. 5 Kevin Anderson has called for players to show more respect for the lolca community's fight against COVID-19. A total of 72 players were placed in a strict quarantine ahead of the Australian Open and a number of players were not too thrilled about the quarantine conditions in Melbourne.

"We all really need to respect whatever Australia has gone through to get to this point where, you know, just driving through the courts you see the residents of Melbourne walking around without masks, interacting, and I know that they've sacrificed to get to that point," Anderson told ABC Radio Melbourne.

"From the players' perspective I really hope that they can see what's going on, and from the community you know they at least forgive the players who have said things and understand that."

Anderson comments come after Novak Djokovic's statement

A day earlier, Djokovic clarified his looser quarantine restrictions requests.

"There were a few suggestions and ideas that I gathered from other players from our chat group and there was no harm intended to try and help. I was aware that the chances were low that any of our suggestions would be accepted.

just like my request to quarantine with my team in Melbourne instead of Adelaide, was denied prior to our travel, because of the strict government regulations. Since I could not be with other players in Melbourne, I made myself available to them if needed," Djokovic said.

Djokovic's requests were bluntly rejected by Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews. "People are free to provide lists of demands but the answer is no,” Andrews said. “I know that there’s been a bit of chatter from a number of players about the rules - well, the rules apply to them as they apply to everybody else, and they were all briefed on that before they came and that was a condition on which they came. “There’s no special treatment here."