Pella: "I find disturbing Rafael Nadal's silence"

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Pella: "I find disturbing Rafael Nadal's silence"

Despite the attempt by Australian Open Director Craig Tiley to calamate the controversy that is unleashing the two different types of quarantine between top players and other players - flanked by institutional colleagues and by the players themselves, such as Novak Djokovic - discontent still lingers dangerously in Melbourne, suggesting even darker clouds towards the horizon.

But the time nis running ou now, because there are fewer and fewer days left before the start of the first slam of the season. What will be played from 8th February and which many had predicted as the slam of the rebirth therefore risks becoming the most complex and bewildered tournament of the entire post-resumption Tour in August.

This is because for the first time it is the players who suffer and complain about their condition, rather than being the most protected and most privileged figures. Many protest voices, many controversies mounted by tennis players forced to quarantine without the possibility of training.

Guido Pella against Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem

One of the most recent was that of the Argentinian tennis player Guido Pella, who has never been afraid to express his opinion, not even when some of his statements could have damaged his position and credibility towards his colleagues.

Yet, when there are tensions or there is a need for clear and sincere answers, or when there is a need to express one's feelings with decision and pride, Pella has always shown that he does not hesitate to come forward.

And so it was also on the occasion of the controversy regarding the different treatment reserved to tennis players in Adelaide compared to those in Melbourne. He said: "We are in two completely different worlds. I saw some photos, Novak Djokovic's balcony is bigger than my room.

But what I find most disturbing is the silence of Dominic Thiem and Rafael Nadal, the number two and three in the world. At least Djokovic has shown good intentions, willingness to give a shock, they don't:" Despite everything, 2020 was a great season for world number two Rafael Nadal.

The Spanish tennis player has, despite the numerous adversities related to the pandemic caused by the well-known Covid-19 virus, brought home the thirteenth Roland Garros of his career and above all Slam number 20, a record that allowed him to reach his great opponent Roger Federer.

The other tournament Rafa won came at the Mexico Open in Acapulco and we can say that Rafa finished the season as number 2 in the world for the seventh time in his career. In addition to this, however, he was unable to conquer the titles in Paris Bercy and at the Atp Finals at the end of the year, two of the biggest tournaments that the Majorcan tennis player has never won.