Alexander Zverev: I ask myself why did Olga Sharypova make all this up

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Alexander Zverev: I ask myself why did Olga Sharypova make all this up

2020 US Open runner-up Alexander Zverev revealed where he was when he found out about the accusations Olga Sharypova made against him and how he felt. In last year's October, Zverev's ex-girlfriend Sharypova accused the German tennis star of domestic violence.

Zverev has multiple times strongly denied the allegations and he suggested that everything was untrue and made up by Sharypova. "I ask myself that, too," Zverev said during his interview with BILD, when asked why would Sharypovaall this up.

"If you look at the timing, you'll notice that she made her accusations shortly after it became public that Brenda was expecting my child. Before that, Olga and I had no contact for a year. Not even when she tried to get back together with me through my parents.

But I did not want that. I think this timing says it all," Zverev told BILD. Zverev was with his brother Mischa when he found out about the allegations and he was stunned. "I played golf on Nintendo Wii with Mischa in Hamburg in my old children's room, just like we used when we were kids.

All of a sudden, messages start coming in on my cell phone,. I sat down on the floor and said to Mischa, "Look at this!" I could not believe it," Zverev revealed.

Sharypova made stunning accusations against Zverev last October

"On that day, I was just walking with Dasha Medvedeva and my friend.

We lingered a little, and Sasha got angry about it. When I got home, we had a fight. Our quarrels always took place from scratch. I wrote on Instagram that he tried to strangle me with a pillow, twisted his arms. I tried to run out of the room several times, but he would not let me.

I was afraid that someone might see and hear us. But in the end I managed to break free, and I ran off barefoot with one phone on a string," Sharypova told Russian website Campionat. "At first I was hiding in a hotel, but Sasha went downstairs and found me.

We stood near the side entrance. I sobbed and tried to leave, and he wanted me to return to the room and we talked. But I understood that at that moment there would be no dialogue. I was scared and wanted to run away. But Sasha pushed me against the wall and said that he would get nothing for it.

And that no one cares about me, no matter what he does to me. Fortunately, at that moment people appeared, and I rushed with them into the street. I was alone, barefoot in the middle of the street. It's good that I had a phone, and I was able to contact a friend who took me to his family. This correspondence was kept by my friend."