Carla Suarez Navarro: "I hope to play tennis again!"

Recent rumors tell that for Carla Suarez there should be finally a happy ending

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carla Suarez Navarro: "I hope to play tennis again!"

Carla Suarez Navarro again on a tennis court? In 2020 one of the saddest news involving the tennis world came with the discovery of the disease of the experienced Spanish tennis player Carla Suarez. During her last year as a professional tennis player, she had to deal with a serious illness, last summer she announced that she had cancer.

A news that shocked not only the tennis player and her fans, but also many of her colleagues with Suarez who had several friends on the WTA Tour. However, recent rumors tell that for Carla Suarez there should be finally a happy ending: during an interview from the Canary Islands, the Spaniard revealed to RNE's microphones that from today she will begin her further chemo session before coming back to the normality.

In a difficult period like this, some wonderful news finally arrives for the tennis world and its fans.

Carla Suarez on her illness

Here are the words of the Spaniard: "Everything is fine, things are evolving as expected and are already in the final treatment.

In general the treatment went great, my body reacted perfectly and in this way I can also skip a session of chemotherapy, which is always appreciated. Today I have the last session where I will also have the last meeting with my doctor.

If the news arrives that I am cured I will be able to go back to normal. Come back to play? Several weeks ago I started playing tennis again, albeit with balls without pressure. From last Monday I started playing with normal balls.

It must be said that compared to the past I feel much easier and I struggle to recover. I have some ideas and some hope but at the moment I can't give dates. My body has to adapt to all the medications received in the past six months.

In tennis, being an individual sport, you alone have to face the challenges on the court and the various obstacles. All the efforts of the competitions and training have helped me to fight this disease and now my dream is to be able to play tennis again, even if total recovery is the main thing."

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