John Millman blasts Australian broadcasters for calling Filip Krajinovic 'journeyman'


John Millman blasts Australian broadcasters for calling Filip Krajinovic 'journeyman'

Australian tennis player John Millman wasn't a fan at all of hearing Filip Krajinovic being described as a "journeyman" on the Tour. Krajinovic, who ended runner-up at the Paris Masters in 2017, played his first match of the season on Friday at A Day At The Drive Exhibition in Adelaide.

Krajinovic, ranked at No. 31 in the world, defeated rising Italian star Jannik Sinner. During the broadcasting, Serbian tennis star Krajinovic was called a "journeyman." "Okay... enough is enough. First match here in Oz for the Australian summer and current world number 31, who has been as high as 26, Filip Krajinovic just got called a journeyman.

Be better," Millman said in a Twitter post.

James Duckworth shared the same thoughts as Millman

Fellow Australian tennis player Duckworth had the exact same thought as he replied to Millman's tweet: "I’m sorry but if you’re 31 in the world you’re a bloody good player." Millman, who famously stunned 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer at the US Open in 2018, saw Duckworth's reply and said: "Correct.

In one of the most played sports in the world, a guy 31 in the world is very good. Put some respect on his name.." Meanwhile, six-time ATP champion Nick Kyrgios, who saw the conversation between Millman and Duckworth, wrote: "Hahaha u funny." Also, Millman spoke about his parents teaching him a sportsmanship from a very young age.

"My Mum and Dad instilled in me from a very young age that competition is important and you’ve got to love to compete, but first and foremost you’ve got to be a good person, respect the game, respect your opponent and conduct yourself in a good manner,” Millman said, per Tennis Australia.

“It’s tough for an eight year old to have those qualities, they have to learn them. My parents were incredible role models and they taught me that”.

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