Sofia Kenin: "Last year I was penalized by..."

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Sofia Kenin: "Last year I was penalized by..."

2020 was a hard and complicated year for all of us and it was also very difficult for athletes, including tennis players, who had to break their routine and live a year that was certainly different from the others. A season divided in half, postponements and cancellations for some tournaments and programs totally skipped.

It was certainly an unforgettable year for the young and talented American tennis player Sofia Kenin, who, a year ago, these days and before the outbreak of the Pandemic, surprised all the fans and the entire women's Tour and she won the Australian Open .

The American also touched a sensational encore towards the end of 2020 at the Roland Garros where she reached the final and was beaten only by Iga Swiatek. Now with the pandemic still present, Kenin has returned to the place that probably gave her the greatest joy of her sporting career and from her reigning champion she spoke in view of the next matches.

Kenin is definitely among the favorites for the tournament and she talked to one of her sponsors about her.

Sofia Kenin's words at the conference

The American tennis player talked about this about the Australian Open 2021: "After the victory here last year I expected a great season but the pandemic linked to Covid cost me a lot and obviously I was disappointed.

It's hard to motivate yourself when all tournaments are constantly canceled, you see there are no tournaments for four or five months and that totally blocks you. In the beginning our workouts weren't the best, a lot of them were unmotivated.

Fortunately my father knew how I felt and he was very close to me, he helped me a lot this. How will it be this year? I will definitely feel some pressure, it is normal but I will try to do my email and I am looking forward to taking the field as reigning champion.

There are pros and cons of course, but I can't wait, I love competing with the best tennis players in the world. I worked hard to be here and it's an honor. It will be a great challenge, everyone is excited to be back here with the fans, I can't wait to see him and feel their energy."