Kei Nishikori felt worried for his fitness after being placed in AO quarantine

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Kei Nishikori felt worried for his fitness after being placed in AO quarantine

Japanese tennis star Kei Nishikori had a great preparation for the Australian Open and he got a bit worried for his fitness after being placed in a strict quarantine in Melbourne. "I had great training session in California, had started regaining my rhythm, so it was a huge shock (to have to be in strict quarantine for two weeks).

I was worried about the length of the quarantine period, thought it was gonna be difficult for the Australian Open," Nishikori said, as revealed by Seiadoumogera/Twitter. While quarantined in his hotel room, Nishikori improvised and found a way to get some work done.

"(During the quarantine) I hit balls against a wall to keep my feeling of (hitting) balls, did treadmill exercise and so on. It was mentally tough to stay without fresh air nor enough sunlight especially in the second week."

Nishikori felt sore after the first practice

"After the fist on-court practice I felt like I've not lost my feeling, but I was so sore the next day. I want to play doubles as well at ATP Cup, but it depends on my condition," Nishikori revealed.

Quarantine wasn't easy but Nishikori gave credit to Tennis Australia for the way they have been handling things. "It was a bit difficult for players, but the quarantine has provided a feeling of safety (as for infection prevention) to players, I think TA are doing really good job overall."

A few days ago, Nishikori indicated he would might need a few days to regain his touch. "I've not hit balls for a while, I may need over two weeks to regain my form, I would not know until then though. I want to play doubles with Ben, I don't know whether I'll play doubles in ATP Cup, I'm gonna play doubles with Ben several times in future anyway," Nishikori said.