Camila Giorgi: "Fashion is better than sport"

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Camila Giorgi: "Fashion is better than sport"

The Italian Camila Giorgi talked in an interview about her relationship between sport and fashion. She played the Yarra Valley Classic, but she lost against Australian Open champion Sofia Kenin, retiring after a set with a problem in her left thigh.

She said: "Fashion has always been my great passion. I like sports a lot, but I like fashion more. An obsession that has been passed on to me since I was a child. Underwear photos have nothing to do with it nothing, those garments are not part of the project.

No need to justify anything, I would like to say: I am dealing with a professional photographer who knows how to do his job. I like everything and it gratifies me. My mom always tells me as long as you can show your body take advantage, because afterwards you can't do it!

I will not be and I have no intention of being the new Chiara Ferragni (an Italian fashion blogger - ed.), even if I must note the intelligence shown in creating what she has created.

Camila Giorgi: "Fashion is better than sport"

In any case, I have always preferred other types of beauty: Brigitte Bardot, for example, a one-of-a-kind splendor.

I don't know what will happen, I don't rule out that my future may cross that area, but I don't think about it, because moment it is not necessary to think about it what to go hand in hand: the photos on social media you are all talking about were taken during a couple of free afternoons during the off season; a very tough off season, as I told you, in which I underwent really heavy workloads.

Dad is happy and content; maybe he doesn't seem like it, but he's a very open minded person. He never scolded me for makeup, skirts or heels, even as a young girl. As we said, the important thing is to do things right."

About the match at the Yarra Valley Classic with Sofia Kenin she said: "Hallucinating I got hurt like this, because the preparation was excellent and very hard. Six hours a day, without exception, and yet these things happen, I hope the resonance give comforting answers."