Serena Williams: "I still have to find the balance"

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Serena Williams: "I still have to find the balance"

Serena Williams reached the third round of the Australian Open 2021: in 70 minutes the American overtook Nina Stojanovic with the final score of 6-3 6-0. Serena in the press conference admitted to having had some problems, but not due to her opponent of her.

She said: "I still have to find the balance. Especially with the serve. Sometimes I think too much about it and it's not like me; I don't hit well. But when I don't think about it everything goes smoothly. Clearly this is not the way to do a shot, so it's really about finding balance.

Playing conditions? It wasn't that warm for me. I live in Florida and I'm used to it. I know it can get very warm here but conditions were good for me today. The absence of line judges? It makes me strange but now I like it because it takes away human error, something we certainly don't need.

I should be the happiest. Sometimes I would still like to see the ball again, even if at the eventually it ends up on the computer that shows it to me and so that's okay. However, regardless of her words, the problems in Australia still seem distant for Serena Williams.

The twenty-three-time Grand Slam champion, who entered the first Grand Slam of the season in an extraordinary way, will find in the third round another player who sails at the foot of the Top 100: Anastasia Potapova, fresh from the clear success against Timea Babos.

Serena Williams' Australian Open 2021 outfit

In the press conference, after her victory in two sets against Laura Siegemund in the first round of the Australian Open 2021, Serena Williams talked about her match, but also about her new outfit, a multicolored catsuit with a completely bare leg that she said was inspired by Florence Griffith Joyner, the fastest woman of all time, whose records on the 100 and 200 meters of 1988 have not yet been broken.

Joyner died in her sleep from a seizure in 1998. Serena said: "I was inspired by FloJo, who was an amazing athlete during my childhood. She changed her outfit a lot, and was always dressed fantastically. This year the Nike team decided to take inspiration from her and I thought, oh my God, that's a great idea.

Obviously we've made some changes, and that's the result." The Australian Open 2021 starts in the best way for the American champion Serena Williams. The twenty-three-time winner of Grand Slam titles goes on the hunt for the Margaret Court record and with a masterful performance launches the challenge to all opponents.

The seven-time Australian Open champion won the next six games on the trot to take the opening set. Then, she added four games to this tally in the second set to go up 6-1, 4-0. Williams' chokehold on the match was finally ended by Siegemund who came out the winner in the fifth game of the set to finally hold her own for the first time in the match.