Ashleigh Barty: "It's an heartbreaking defeat, but ..."

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Ashleigh Barty: "It's an heartbreaking defeat, but ..."

Ashleigh Barty was one set and one break ahead in the 2021 quarterfinals of the Australian Open, in total control against a physically challenged opponent. After the MTO asked by Karolina Muchova, however, another match began, dominated by the Czech, who then surprisingly beat world no.1 in three sets, qualifying for the semi-finals of the Australian tournament.

In the press conference Barty talked about the MTO and the rest of her season. She said: "It's within the rules. She's within her rights to take that time. If she wasn't within the rules, the physios and the doctors would have said so.

That's the laws of our game, is that we have those medical timeouts for cases that are needed. Obviously she needed that today. Completely within the rules for her to take that. From my point of view, I've played a lot of matches where there have been medical timeouts.

I've taken medical timeouts myself before, so that shouldn't be a massive turning point in the match. I was disappointed that I let that become a turning point. I'm experienced enough now to be able to deal with that.

It's a disappointment today without a doubt. But we learn and we move on.I don't write the rules. I don't write the rules. I abide by them. All of us players, we abide by the rules that are written. It's not my place to comment here whether she had an injury or not.

That’s the physios and the doctors. Obviously that she's taken her medical time-out di lei meant that there was something wrong. She was within the rules, within the guidelines to take that time. It's heartbreaking defeat, of course.

But will it deter me, will it ruin the fact we’ve had a really successful start to our season? Absolutely not. The sun will come up tomorrow. We go about our work again. You're either winning or your learning. I think today is a massive learning curve for me, my team as well.

We take the positives out of it, without doubt and don’t let this particular match, this particular hour of tennis deter us from what we’re trying to do. "