Tommy Haas: "Naomi Osaka will be a Superstar!"

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Tommy Haas: "Naomi Osaka will be a Superstar!"

Naomi Osaka is the great star of the women's tennis, the true queen who will be able to inherit the heavy throne that for many years held Serena Williams, her great rival and her idol. Naomi is entering the hearts of fans and brands, thanks to her human qualities as well as her innate tennis skills.

In a recent interview, Tommy Haas talked about the Japanese and also about other topics. About Osaka, former German player said: "She's the favorite because she's won three Slams. I think physically she trusts her movement, she trust her strokes, so I would give the edge over Jen Brady.

She is a good competitor, which is huge . Obviously she's so excited and happy to be in the final, but I think she's going to give it everything she's got to try to win her first Slam.

Tommy Haas: "Naomi Osaka will be a Superstar!"

Maria Sharapova, her first tournament back was in Indian Wells after she had been suspended, and she played this Naomi Osaka, who, I have to admit, I hadn't heard as much about yet that at that time.

I remember watching this entire match, and it was a very tight game, I think Maria had some chances, but Naomi won that match 6-4, 6-4. Some of the shots she was hitting, how flat inside-out forehands and backhands, and her mentality of just being aggressive, and her movement, and especially her serve.

And we were like saying: Wow, this girl is really really good, I think she has a chance of getting far here. Next thing you know, she wins the tournament. And then the ceremony for her, I remember when she got up to speak and thank everyone, it was almost, a little bit shocking right because I think she was so nervous and it was the first tournament she'd ever won on the tour, and it's such a big one, and she was so shy."