Is Venus Williams close to retirement?

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Is Venus Williams close to retirement?
Is Venus Williams close to retirement? (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Venus Williams, seven-time Grand Slam single and 16-time double Grand Slam title holder nearing retirement: is it time to say goodbye? Venus said to HollywoodLife: "I still have a lot of work to do on the pitch. My mind when I wake up every day is still there.

I don't know what my plans are. I don't think there is a limit or a maximum. I don't mean that we have a plan. I'm not going to quit is the best way to put it. I still have a lot to do on the court, so I'll still focus on all of that." Her first Grand Slam came at age 20 when she won the Wimbledon championship in July 2000.

She and her sister Serena would later become two of the most beloved tennis figures in the history of the Game. and, especially women of color, to practice this sport. Venus is still ready to take the court and win her games, despite recent disappointing results at the Australian Open 2021, where she was defeated by the Italian Sara Errani after a very controversial match.

Serena Williams' Melbourne outfit divides fans on socials

American tennis player Serena Williams wore a brightly colored one-piece suit with long and short pants at the Australian Open. This is not the first time that Serena Williams' outfit has been discussed on social media.

Who does not remember a tight black jumpsuit at the French Open, which was certainly one of the reasons of interest of the tournament. A suit such as Catwoman. Fans split over the choice of Serena's latest outfit in Melbourne.

Here are the most significant comments, between Twitter and other social networks. "I love this dress. She's definitely getting back to her physical shape to the max." Or: "Serena Williams just wore a one-legged jumpsuit." Also worth mentioning: "While everyone else is wearing the same Nike uniform, Serena has her," or even: "It's atrocious." Not forgetting: "She looks uncomfortable, especially in the Melbourne heat."

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